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The are many cracks (potholes) all along Michgan Aveneue from Livernois to Cetnral. There are some very bad ones on west bound Michigan just past the intersection at Livernois. These seem to primarily be where the lane markers are. These need to be fiilled (just as the ones on Telegraph road were filled a month or so ago (for several miles north of Plymouth Road on telegraph).

These cracks on Michigan make changing lanes very hazardous. And the ones right at Livernois are unavoidable even if not changing lanes as the cracks run between the lanes there. Please fill these.

also asked...
Q. Is the issue a pothole or a sinkhole?
A. Pothole
Q. Is the pothole on a road or a sidewalk?
A. Road
Q. What are the closest cross streets to the pothole?
A. Michigan Ave and Livernois
Q. Approximately how many potholes are you reporting?
A. many
Q. What is the approximate size of the pothole(s)?
A. sevral feet long and several inches wide

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