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the swamp of the nation. arrest warrants serving all of them tomorrow! They disgrace Glory. They disgrace The Constitution.They disgrace the Bill of Rights. They are not the Makers. They are the Takers. Rich rosen uses kirk leaman and april williams cheated on married duffy and got pregnant by kirk during her marriage cuz she thinks she can walk on water and collect welfare and abuse her husband she never divorced from. They are undertakers and must be placed under arrest immediately bevause they are the threat to our nations security. They use rosen amd baker through k a run polito bill carpenter by jake creedon
all emergency calls get intercepted by Patrick creedon Bob creedon 3rd and leigha genduso. they erased 911 calls bevause they are the cause of the issues to gain money and power but they got caught and continue to try to hide it. theu steal from what our whitehouse gives our state. so the state suffers but not the ones who took hostage over the elections by yelp holding over the security of our nation. They are the invaders of our peace. They took our 911 and prevented it from being heard seen or advertised so theu do not get caught murdering people on the down low by forcing them all to kill themselves by no ways or means of Help but just more abuse over the innocent that they b load guilty charges on because they have Bib creedon courts to bend over and enjoy getting @#$% cuz they have no testicles to sad up for the people because they are the threat to our existence. they are thw serpents of the bible. they are the poison. they are why we had commandments created. they are the violates hate creators takers story telling media abusing public attention hogs. we hopes they rot in a cell cuz they are hell! they said trympnha s absolutely no power over them and that he cannot have them arrested because they threatened him as well.


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