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Park Maintenance


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Hello- I adopted small garden area at Safford Park. There is a trash barrel there (not from city, I think) and I carry it up and place it out for trash pickup on Wednesdays. This is a picture from this morning. People are now using it to dump their trash (e.g. bag has old shoes and clothes in it). There used to be a city barrel by street but now it is gone. The green barrel is all that is at Safford. Can the city place two barrels in Safford? One where green one is now and another by Beale near where one used to be? Also, people are putting their poop bags in the green barrel. So, the park needs a dog poop receptacle as well. If these three items can be added, can the city empty them so I don't have to personally bring them to curb? Today, I bagged up the extra trash there and will put it out with my trash. A 'no dumping trash' sign may be needed as well! Thanks

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