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Hello I know this is not in your list but I am desperate for someone in your ranking to know what is going on in Detroit water and Sewage is over charging me and I believe Detroit customers in general. My bill never goes down only up, I was out of a hot water tank for months so I know I was using less water but my bill never decreased. Also it is the same payment amount every month and any one should know that can't be right since water usage varies. I have reached out to Detroit Water and Sewage but no straight answers. I have complained to the Attorney General office with no resolve. I am hoping that this complaint will reach the City Council and that someone will investigate these issues.. They are sticking it to us through water bills now as if insurance and taxes and bad roads and no up keep or bathroom in our parks (Erma Henderson ) in our neighborhood is not enough! Please help the citizens of Detroit that pay taxes but do not get the same treatment as other citizens of Detroit and surrounding areas.

Georgia Cox - lifetime citizen of Detroit

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