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Traffic Safety Issue


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Cars drive extremely fast on NE 16th Street from both directions, up the hill headed W and around the curve from 211th Way NE headed E. All of the children living on NE 16th west of 211th Way NE, 211th Ave NE, 211th Pl NE, and 212th Ave NE cross NE 16th at 212th Ave NE to get to school at Margaret Mead and to access Bill Reams/East Sammamish Park. This crosswalk is extremely dangerous as designed because of the poor visibility for drivers coming up the hill traveling west and around the curve traveling east at high speeds. Speed bumps on both sides of this crossing and a pedestrian crossing light would help to mitigate problems and keep our children safe.

also asked...
Q. Does it pose an immediate hazard?
A. Yes
Q. Please approximate the location of the issue (ex. closest intersection, nearby landmark, etc.)
A. NE 16th Street and 212th Ave NE

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