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Hello, I have only lived here a few years but each October they have always put up those orange resident only parking signs. Well, first time but called the police today about some tourists parking right in front of the signs and asked they be ticketed/towed. I took the time and went to get the Halloween parking pass as a resident. Turns out, there was NO POINT! When I called the police they said I would have to talk to the City Council because they were told they cannot ticket cars on certain streets! What a kick in my already-overtaxed butt!! Apparently they do not want to send bad vibes to tourists. And yet, when I, a RESIDENT, went over on a parking meter, I got a ticket! What is even the point of having these signs put up?? Just to give the DPW people something to do? I have read about how the current administration does not care about its residents but now I am really seeing it. Thanks for the push, Salem, I had an accepted offer on buying a house with my girlfriend but nope! Not going to buy in a place (we had a business plan submitted as well) and pay my property/business taxes to a city that clearly does not care about its residents. I used to really like Salem, told everyone they should come here, good place to live, etc. Past few years things have really gone downhill. Now a complete and total disregard for residents, cow-towing to tourists has ruined it.

also asked...
Q. What type of sign is it?
A. Resident Only Parking
Q. Is this request concerning a new, damaged or missing sign?
A. No Answer Given


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