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odor, roadkill


This house is feasted with mold all over the property, gas leaking from the kitchen stove, the tub water smells like you bathing on a dead animal. I am not allowed to contact the owner of the property, I was told to handle all business with the property manager. Pablo Martinez is the property manager. This house need to be inspected I have emailed and sent several of pictures. Last year after Harvey they sent some guys to clean the mold, but it is here worst and the house had possums living in the arctic. My lease was up on 09/30/18, and I'm moving out but I just want to protect the next tenant. I was emailed by Pablo that he wanted to show the property to someone else, but until I get all of my stuff out and cleaned because of the mold everywhere, they can show the house then. Someone need to come see this house it's not good and all the owner wants to do is patch up stuff and be paid that all he worried about. Please advise that I will be waiting on a response. I can be reached at 832-249-0800

Thank you,

Anissa Rainer

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