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Section of Bay Trail by Encinal Yacht Club obstructed Acknowledged

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This is a repost of Issue 4150197 ( which was closed without being fixed. The section of the Bay Trail that passes by the Encinal Yacht Club is 50% obstructed by landscaping growing out into it, as shown in the attached photo. I reported this back in February 2018 and it was closed in August 2018 when PW Maintenance Jesse posted that Tree skirting was completed by ARPD. But no work was done and the problem is still there. As can be clearly seen in the photo I took the other day the yellow line demarking the centerline of the path is overgrown so less than half the path is available. This makes it unsafe for bicyclists and pedestrians to pass in this area and even difficult for pedestrians to pass when going opposite directions. People have to go off the paved path into the dirt area.
This really needs to be cleaned up and not just blown off as was done in August when it was closed without being fixed. It's only going to get worse, by next year the path will be unusable.

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