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The Kalamazoo bike lane (as I imagine are all the bike lanes and shoulders within the City) is extremely dangerous right now. It is filled with a thick accumulation of dirt, glass, and other debris (see photo). The bottom of the downhill eastbound stretch right in front of Hunter Park is especially dangerous as it has collected all the debris from the street over the entire winter. Riding over that stretch at higher speeds from going downhill is extremely hazardous, especially because the parallel roadway right through there is laden with deep pot holes. Scary combination, especially if are not aware of the hazard before descending down the hill. I notified the traffic department about this problem area almost a month ago. Hopefully you can get out there to have it cleaned up right away. With today as the first day of Bike Month, it certainly would be appropriate and appreciated to sweep all the bike lanes/shoulders throughout the City. Thanks for looking into this.


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