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The issue is exactly where google places a marker when you type in Stuart Andrew. It is actually at the corner of Stuart Andrew and Phillip Davis Dr. Here is the issue. Kudzu was apparently planted in the ravine near the location of these trees. The trees were planted by the city of Charlotte many years ago and today are very mature. The were also beautiful untill last year. I watched as months turned into years as the Kudzu approached the trees. I kept thinking someone would do something to stop it before it reached the trees. Nobody did and now I wish I had. I most likely could have done something on my own last summer but now it has engulfed one tree (not killed it) and is on it's way to another. Maybe already getting to one of it's bigger limbs. I think the city should care about this and take steps to save the little fellas. It makes me sad to think of them eaten alive and makes me mad to think how wasteful it is from a management perspective. Can you help me save these trees? If you get lost call me at 704-731-0656 . Linda

Update....After channel 3 did a story on the trees and took the matter to city of Charlotte, it didn't look like it would be fixed. The city blammed it on a private issue and channel 3 left it at that. I knew better, I went to the owner of the building/property and discussed the matter. I confirmed that the city had actually insisted that the trees be planted years ago and would have fined the property owner had they not been. Add to that, the Kudzu was planted by the city to deal with the huge ravine beside this individual's property. I think it's interesting that the city can tell a private business owner what to do with their own property and then refuse to deal with a problem they created for that property owner.

Oddly enough, three weeks later (yesterday) I saw two guys from the city of Charlotte parked by the trees. They were pointing up at them and discussing the situation. When I drove by later that day most of the Kudzu had been cleared. Not enough to save them long term, but cleared for now.

I don't know how it came about, but was very glad to see it removed.

Thanks to all!

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