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Small Blue car with huge air foil on rear end, Mass. Plate # 8GL173, this car has a super loud muffler and is always racing the engine after 10 pm and is in and out alot during the night, The car usually sits during daylight hrs but after dark goes in and out dozens of times per night, wonder whats he's up to??? anyway we are awoken several times per night by this guy, He is obviously looking for attention and has gotten ours, We work and also have kids in school who are kept up at night by his cries for attention.can anything be done? please help. isn't there a law against loud mufflers and music, when I was a young guy the cops would hassle me for mufflers that just fell off but this guy does it deliberately, Plase help

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A. Loud mufflers Late at night, after 10 pm

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