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City of Malden


Water - Leak


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Malden Ward 7




hydrant, road safety


I live on Boylston Street along with my 2 children. About a month ago I woke up really early in the morning and noticed the water department was outside flushing hydrants. I went outside and asked the nearest person if there was a water main break...that nearest person introduced himself as DPW Director Bobby Knox. He was very nice and helpful. He proceeded to tell me that the water department was just doing routine flushing of the water mains which I thought was great cause I have lived here for about 5 years and never seen them do so. Then I found out today, from my neighbor, that he heard the reason behind the flushing was due to the finding of bacteria in the water mains. So are me and my family in danger? Do we have anything to worry about? And more importantly if this is true, why was I lied to...right to my face, by the Director someone responsible for public safety. Thank you, I am very concerned

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