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Trash / Sanitation


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There is trash being piled up NOW in TWO places on Ray St. I have complained before when it was one and NOW there are two huge piles every week. I was told that when the trash is picked up it is gone through to find the responsible parties, I doubt this is being done due to the fact that I have seen Amazon boxes thrown in one pile that had the address labels still attached. I know which houses are responsible for doing this but it is NOT my job to try and take pictures of these people or find the address in the trash. However I was told to do this.... The yard debris trash truck picks up this trash so I know that no one is going through this trash to find out who is doing this. I see the road work and city trucks drive by all the time and dont even stop to see if they can find an address. I am a home OWNER and a city TAX PAYER and would like to see action taken for this. IF animals get into trash then it just goes every where!

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