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Question: Why are some in favor of an "Addiction Recovery" facility vs. 4 new condominiums (8 units) on the site of the old Ward 2 Social Club? I can understand concerns re. traffic but, don't the neighbors feel that a slight uptick in traffic would far outweigh the cons of having an addiction recovery center in the neighborhood?

I saw that the last time someone broached this topic, on this site, it was taken down after receiving some fairly heated responses from neighbors. Is reporting potholes and graffiti more important than the safety of our families, specifically those of us who have young, impressionable children?

The question that I have, as I'm sure others do, as well, is how do we stop this from happening? Can't the abutting neighbors (whose names are public due their pending lawsuit) realize that a new condominium, with the proposed beach access and other improvements, will raise land values for all and beautify the Bridge Street Neck neighborhood? Why would anyone choose an addiction clinic, or the abandoned social club, over a new development that will improve the entire neighborhood?

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