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New Traffic Signal-- Out of Synch Acknowledged

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It seems that when the changeover to the new traffic signal on the corner of Chapel and James Streets happened, the timing for the light changes was also changed. Now it takes an excessively *long* time for the light to turn green for James Street drivers. This is particularly problematic because there are TWO SCHOOLS on James Street right near this corner so that at drop off and pick up time, traffic-- including school buses and families picking up and dropping off-- becomes extremely backed up on James, well past Saltonstall and in front of the Martinez School.

This morning, we actually thought the light was broken as we waited, and waited, and waited on James-- the longest we have ever waited in the five years we have worked in this neighborhood.

Please, please-- is there someone from the City, Transportation, Traffic, & Parking, that can come down to see this corner *in person*? Ever since the work began here last spring with the new electric box, pedestrian cross, etc., this corner is a mess, including serious wheelchair accessibility issues as the pedestrian cross pole was put in the middle of the sidewalk. Thank you.


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