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Several process flow and mis-information issues are present on the Philadelphia streets department website.

- the sanitation site specifically accounts for the disposal of hazardous waste items when in reality their disposal is only allowed on specific days at specific locations. This issue has caused me to drive with hazardous waste to my sanitation Facility only to be turned away. I was kindly turned away, but the website cost me several hours and frustration. The sanitation attendant was aware of the issue and noted that many people have fallen victim to the same issue. The website needs to be updated to link to the hazardous waste event calandar. I attended the next hazardous waste disposal event and it was great, however the initial wasted time is easily avoided.

- the municipal services building we site states their hours as 8 to 4:30. When I stopped in at 2:30 to apply for a dumpster permit I was turned away in a similar fashion as above. The issue this time being that the permit office only accepts people from 9-2pm so that they can process permits. Again, this mis-information wasted hours; traveling downtown, parking etc. The appropriate hours of operation should be published for each service rather than mis leading people. The front desk associate even mentioned that many people come in asking to apply for the same service and are turned away as I was.

More broadly, issues that waste people's time, and resources and are the clear result of a lack of attention to detail, and appropriate proof reading cause in needed frustration and inspire people to circumvent the real process.

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