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S-WASTE: Eviction Debris Acknowledged

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Macon-Bibb County


S-WASTE: Eviction Debris


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trash, odor, road safety


On the corner of Ridge and Drury, there are boxes over flowing the trash and a carpet on the ground. I noticed this on my walk weeks ago, and saw an elderly lady and her children out there working. We began talking and they were trying to get the items better situated in the trash cans, and doing there best to cut back limbs that have over grown on the street. I'm not sure if the limbs could be maintained by the city, however, they were unable to reach the taller over growth. For safety reasons, I think it would be nice to have that cleared out more. I know myself and many others in the neighborhood use Drury as a turn around on walks and runs. That Corner is awfully dark and over grown. And to be quite honest, the trash has often set long enough to smell! Yikes!

also asked...
Q. Is there furniture to be moved?
A. No furniture to be moved
Q. How long has items been out?
A. 2 weeks


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