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Southbound lanes from 9000 south to 114000 south where the lanes make the jog to the left then come back in 3-4 different places,let this serve warning that next time i come thru this zone,i may not be able to avoid running flat over the next car that doesnt see the lane jog.Every time i go thru i see multiple accidents in this exact area from the exact same thing.The cars cant see the lines on the road,it is barely visible from the seat in my semi.It has happened 3 times so far to me,today was extra lucky,the car never even knew what was going on or why i was standing on my airhorn mere centimeters away from demolishing his life.Get this crap fixed,or lay down reflector bumps or paint black under the white lines,whatever,you're gonna end up with a large lawsuit namely from me if i kill someone because of this stupid lack of foresite

also asked...
Q. What direction were you traveling when you noticed a problem?
A. Southbound

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