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Edgewood Road is currently designated as a two way road. Parking is currently allowed on both sides of this road preventing safe passage for two way traffic. Emergency entrance/egress is not possible with parking and opposing traffic. Please support either a One Way designation or a road widening project with proper curbs and sidewalks. The current curb (in most areas curbs are non-existent) and sidewalk condition is in clear and hazardous disrepair. Sadly my neighbors and I fear walking down our beautiful block due to the hazardous sidewalk/curb conditions. Our children are in danger with no curbs. Curbs prevent automobiles from entering the pedestrian sidewalks. Reasonable Landscaping is not possible. No curbs allow automobile tire intrusions preventing a lasting landscaping investment. Road water Drainage is also negatively impacted. Missing curbs allow water to divert from drains and pool in areas that have missing curbs. Edgewood Road has been forgotten and neglected by our towns. Homeowners on Edgewood Road are taxpayers in good standing and expect a safe road for their families. Please keep this concern alive until our officials take notice and apply action. We are not asking for options or upgrades. These are fundemental and essential services. Drive around and notice how many roads have proper sidewalks and curbs. After you do so, you will agree, Edgewood Road is being neglected by our town.Thank You to join in and voice your support. For you, your neighbors and all our families.
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