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First, let me start by saying that I appreciate the work that Public Works is doing to both beautify Sea St and improve the traffic flow as well as the NHPD to monitor traffic in the area.

All day today there has been a sign indicating that the use of Sea St was limited to local traffic. I was able to leave my home and return without issue until around 5pm when I was forced to turn around near the corner of Sea St and Greenwich Ave by a female Public Works employee despite the fact that I indicated to her multiple times that the entrance to my home was mere yards away. She insisted that I needed to approach Sea St by taking Exit 44. Imagine my shock when, mere minutes later, after following her directive, I take Exit 44 to find Sea St completely open. If that were the case, could she not have told me this and I would have happily waited until the road was open. I'm not sure her reason for dismissing then ignoring me the way she did, but I would appreciate consistency in who is directing the traffic while this work continues.

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A. Sea Street

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