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Traffic/Road Safety


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Kid with a town uniform and a powerful leaf blower blowing leaves in a cyclone and into cars before the stoplight, which is damaging to cars and dangerous for pedestrians. I stop the car away from him, so the leaves don't hit the car or block my vision, and I make eye contact in the hope that he sees what he's doing. He looks at me and starts to swear profusely. I still do not move the car. He moves the leaf blower down the end of the block and continues to blow (and curse). The light changes. I drive on and park the car. (I can still hear him cursing).

(And its a good thing he moved away...some dope decided to run through the traffic on a green light).

I don't want to deal with the cursing part...that's window dressing. Rather, I ask the question as to no one has the common sense here to instruct that you never use a power appliance around people or cars? I cleaned a theater for years during school, and I was told that when people were around, one uses a broom and a catch basket, so people do not get hurt.


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