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This is regarding lack if school crossing signage and the totally invisible and ignored crosswalks at the intersection if Broadway and Valle Vista. Every single day that I drive my son to the new Caliber school I see kids walking to school and trying to cross Broadway from Valle Vista. And almost every single morning and afternoon I witness one or two cars running the red light and plowing through the crosswalk at speeds WAY over the speed limit. We should not all have to pause to wait for all the red light runners to walk or drive through that intersection. There is no signage to warn drivers of school children that I can see. The cross walks are barely noticeable. They need to be repainted so that drivers may actually notice them. Flashing lights on a sign or on the roadway to indicate pedestrians are crossing would be better. These red light runners appear to be driving 40-50 mph through the lights as they race through trying to make the lights at Redwood and Broadway. It's completely insane. Basic traffic enforcement would be great, but that seems to be non-existent in this city. Perhaps Public Works could step in to prevent a tragedy that will likely happen there soon enough should this intersection be left as-is.


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