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I'm not sure what the law is about this but there have been a few lunch trucks popping up in my area. It would be one thing if it was a day operation but they are parked there for good. The one orange truck on the corner of 8th and Washington had a sign in the window recently advertising for a Garage for Rent, which to me meant, they used to use a garage to park at night and when they saw they could park there all night and day, there was no need to rent a garage. I don't love how any of them (3 in total) look and I think it is not fair to occupy 2-3 legal parking spots. Can someone enlighten me about these trucks, the law? I also saw someone urinating on my street the other night, wearing a white apron. So is this where these workers are using the bathroom??? Unacceptable. When the truck has left, to go to the soccer games down the street or a festival lately, they leave orange traffic cones.

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