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Homeless encampment is invading Brookfield Acknowledged

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Illegal Dumping - debris, appliances, etc.


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Brookfield Village



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Squatters have broken into and taken over a lot that is city owned at 9500 Edes Avenue. These squatters are afilliated with radical leftwing groups who have terrorized upcoming building projects with arsons. This homeless encampement is part of "The Village" homeless encampment. The Village is an infamous homeless encampment that straddles 23rd Avenue and East 12th Street in the Fruitvale District. This encampment has had numerous murders and multiple massive fires. The city kicked them out once before in North Oakland before setting up in the current Fruitvale location. These homeless encampments have been known to house heroin addicts, mentally unstable people, and wanted parolees/criminals.
The Oakland Tribune reported a murder at that same homeless encampment in the Fruitvale District where a wanted transient with seven felony convictions has been charged with murder in last fatal stabbing of a man at "The Village".
The city government slated close the 23rd Street Bridge in the next few weeks for years of structural repairs. That means those people underneath the bridge and area are going to have to move. Guess what? They are invading further into East Oakland and occupying property that is not theirs.
As they grow in numbers, people who are affiliated with these groups will be knocking door to door wanting your support. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR CONSENT. They stated on their banners they are ungovernerable, which is basically anarchy. We pay taxes to make sure that our streets and neighborhood is okay, clean and safe. These people might have good intentions but the road to hell is paved those as they have a history of importing crime, violence, garbarge, rodents, disease (Hepatatis C, Plague, HIV, Flesh Eating Bacteria, and Measles) and anti-social behavior. The city of Oakland thinks that they can shove their problems in our neighborhood because we are not as rich as the others. The hills would never tolerate this and we will not either.

also asked...
Q. Is this illegal dumping related to a homeless encampment?
Q. Are there mattresses?
Q. Are there appliances?
Q. Are there tires?
Q. Are there additional materials?
A. Yes
Q. Are the dumped materials in the middle of the roadway BLOCKING through traffic in a traffic lane?
A. Don't Know / No Answer
Q. Are the dumped materials located on public or private property?
A. Private
Q. Did you see the person when they were dumping the materials?
A. Yes
Q. Would you be willing to talk to the City Attorney's Office to help hold the dumper(s) accountable?
A. Yes

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