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I’ve made this request before and it was denied, but I implore the city to reconsider due to the severe safety concerns.

The traffic signal at the intersection of Adeline and 3rd is on a 24/7 red flashing mode, which means that it is supposed to work like an all-way stop though drivers roll through more often than not.

Third street is also an on-street portion of the Bay Trail with buffered bike lanes. As such bike riders and pedestrians going through this intersection have to contend with semi traffic coming to and from the port in all directions, as well as other car traffic.

This signal needs to be put on a regular green/yellow/red phase as soon as possible, and the walk signals need to be activated. As-is the intersection is extremely dangerous as well as inaccessible to people with disabilities. I know this will slow down port traffic, but the eventual alternative is someone being severely injured or worse.

Please consider this and take action to improve safety. Thank you.

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