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Wal-Mart 3555 S. 8400 W., Magna, UT 84044, United States Hiển thị trên Bản đồ Ẩn Bản đồ
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Utah DOT

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This meridian (the middle concrete strip) is causing problems. I know you've already been contacted on this issue before. You guys say there isn't enough evidence to support a need to remove it. Let me tell you, it's a miracle no one has crashed... Yet. Drivers almost hit each other since there isn't another way of escape when you're stuck. Plus, going out of Walmart is interesting since there's an arrow point us towards the left even though that meridian makes it hard to do so. I don't understand what that's there for, and neither do other drivers. Please fix this before an accident happens.

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Hỏi. What direction were you traveling when you noticed a problem?
Đáp. Southbound
Hỏi. What type of problem did you notice?
Đáp. Other

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