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DPW Drainage/Flooding Issue


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At the end of Woodcrest Road there are two runoff drains on opposite sides of the street near the intersection with Rt 152. The drains are completely clogged. I have removed the leaves from the grates and there is standing water in the basins on both sides.

Historically the end of the street floods over with water that covers the curbs on either side of Woodcrest Road during heaving rain. I thikn the real issue is the pipes under the street in the area are filled with dirt/sludge, etc.

With the heavy rain forecasted for Nov 9th (night) and considering the drains are completely blocked already, I think we have a real urgent issue that needs attention. If there is a team that sees this problem report after hours on Friday and can react, then it will prevent some real messes for our street and the houses nearest the blocked drains.

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Q. What is the problem?
A. Catch Basin Clogged
Q. Where is the issue located?
A. Street

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