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Storm Water Drainage Acknowledged

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Water / Sewer


Storm Water Drainage


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Midland Beach




Still no follow-up or updates from those assigned to this issue since September and no visits or work done to basin by DEP or other resource to help address issue and alleviate cause. Please provide follow-up and solution to avoid further flooding onto sidewalk, driveway and home. Also again, this pooling in front of driveway and onto sidewalk is limiting access to our car and driveway causing hazardous and life threatening conditions to young children and elderly when getting in/out of vehicles with oncoming traffic. Please help address immediately. This has been on going since Sandy and getting worse and worse with each rainy day.

also asked...
Q. Are there storm sewers located at the location?
A. Yes
Q. If so, is additional drainage needed?
A. Yes
Q. Is this a reoccurring problem?
A. Yes


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