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Many people around my neighborhood are going way to fast over the 25 speed limit. There are always kids outside paying riding on there bikes and the cars are speeding what is gonna happen when a child is crossing the road and the car is going to fast but that car cannot stop in time and that car would hit that child. On November 13 I was walking home from school and this car passed me going maybe 75 and one of the neighbors was outside raking her leaves and she had scene the car going to fast so she had walked across the road and the car had stopped but the lady had told the person in the car that it is 25 over here but than the person in the car still had gone to fast. This is a issue in my neighborhood because many people have yelled at the cars to slow down may of times but they don't give a crap. We think that you should have a police officer on that street to give people speeding tickets because it would be more safer.

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