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City of Albany


Abandoned Vehicles


125 vezes


West End




i have called the parking authority and they have done nothing. when visitng family there is never enough parking because these abandoned cars are sitting there. with the upcoming winter and the restricted street parking on tuesday i need to make sure there is adequate parking

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Q. Is the vehicle on private property or city property? Please select one.
A. Private property
Q. What makes you believe the vehicle is abandoned? How long has the vehicle been abandoned? Briefly describe the situation.
A. these cars have been sitting here for 6 months, have not moved and have no valid tags
Q. What color is the vehicle?
A. dark blue, black, light blue,gray
Q. What are the make and model of the car (ex: Ford sedan)?
A. volkswagon, nissan sentra, blue large van,ford f150
Q. Is the vehicle damaged? If yes, how?
A. unk

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