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Driving past this everyday to & from my home. Makes me wonder. What's aloud here? Is this property zoned or permit approved for auto sales? What are the permit laws for the number of vehicles that can be stored on a single property? It stores vehicles in the street for months at a time ! why does Whiting allow such and eye sore, from a city that prides it's self for change. improvment. setting standards. It litterly looks to passerbys like a junk yard. wow I would love to live here! This business owner has a brand new lot for their towing business a half mile down the street in Hammond where they can perform auto sales. auto storage. & double as a junk yard. This place is in our backyard people. One of the biggest eye sores in Whiting. business is good. very good. There is money flowing to expand and Improve else where. oh don't forget the city of Whiting takes all of their city owned vehicles here! Let's see some public response for this please! Does this place bother the mayor? probably not. because he doesn't have to look at it everyday! make not today there is 15 vehicles on this property. it also blocks vison to on coming traffic on Indianapolis.

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Q. Please take picture or give address. Please give short description.
A. atchinson and Indianapolis


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