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I'd like to report an aggressive driver. I was on a bicycle riding in the designated bicycle lane on Moyamensing Ave between Washington Ave. and Tasker Ave (heading south) at approximately 4:20 pm on 7/27/10. The driver of this vehicle (PA license GLA 0851; Tan Navigator) tried to run me over on three different occasions after attempting to run a red light at Washington Ave and Moyamensing Ave. They made an illegal right turn at Washington Ave onto Moyamensing Ave from the middle lanes of Washington Ave. and then tried to run me over repeatedly and accelerated past me. There was no reason what so ever for this behavior. I was following the laws of the road and was riding completely in the bicycle lane. I put my arm up when I saw this person trying to cut me off as I was crossing Washington Ave. There are far too many drivers on the road that are completely disrespectful to bikers, and clearly do not understand the repercussions of their actions. A simple tap of their car into a biker can kill that biker. Bikers should be treated the same as drivers! Things have got to change!

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