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Large noisy commercial truck Acknowledged

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The generator has been running loudly on a large commercial food truck all Sunday from early morning to after 7 PM. The oversized food carrier has been parked on this residential lot for over 3weeks. Large vehicle parked on grass as well as trailer.People living in this house do not own the truck, so someone is storing it there. Noise of generator is disturbing many of the neighbors. Toddler living next door cannot sleep. Vehicles parked on non impervious surface in backyard. Fence on east side in terrible disrepair for over a year. Seems to be held up only by the vines on it. The owner of this property received it for FREE from the bank. They are alleged to be a non-profit.

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Q. What are you reporting?
A. Boat/RV/trailer/commercial vehicle issue
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A. No


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