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Dangerous turns onto Manning & S. Manning from Western Ave Acknowledged

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During the day, you cannot turn left onto Manning Blvd (eastbound) from Western Ave, nor can you turn left onto South Manning Blvd (westbound) from Western Ave. This is because there is no left-turn arrow at the intersection from either direction. Western Ave was just repaved and re-striped--but no turn arrows were installed. The explanation that there's "not enough room" for left-turn lanes on Western Ave doesn't wash: you don't need turn lanes. Installing left-turn arrows in both directions would allow left-lane traffic to either turn left or not. As it is, you cannot see around the 2 lanes of traffic in either direction, and you back up the left-hand lane in both directions trying to turn left, with the result that angry drivers, stopped behind you, careen around you into the right-hand lanes and speed through the intersection. There are left-turn arrows for traffic turning onto Western from both Manning and South Manning; why not on Western? The city has not seen fit to make Western between S. Allen and uptown a 3-lane instead of a 4-lane speedway, so I suggest it pay attention to this potentially accident-causing situation, as well as allow residents of Manning Blvd. and S. Manning Blvd. to turn onto their own street, given the increased amount of traffic here.


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