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Sewer Manhole Rattling Được thừa nhận

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City of Houston


Sewer Manhole

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pothole, noise complaint

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Manhole cover mankes loud clanking noise whenever a car runs over it. The ocver is between 1321 and 1323 Bomar Street. There is also a second manhole cover about 20 feet further toward Waugh across the street from a small apartment complex that also clanks when run over that we can hear as well in the middle of the night. thanks for your help.

cũng đã hỏi...
Hỏi. What is the area of your concern about the sewer manhole?
Đáp. Rattling Cover
Hỏi. Location of concern?
Đáp. Front Yard
Hỏi. Adjacent Property Type?
Đáp. Residence

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