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Since when do valets determine where people can and can't park in Albany? I tried to go to the bank today and pulled into a legal parking space and the valet told me I can't park there unless I'm using valet service and going to the pulmonary office. I told him I was parked in a residential space with a residential permit and was going to the bank and he started following me and calling me rude for parking where I have every right to park. He said, Take it up with Albany Med if you don't like it. They decide what we can do." Where is AMC's accountability? Do they now supersede the Mayor's office? Parking regulations? Citizen rights? The valets and residents are stuck in the middle of a worsening problem that has to be resolved at a different level, and soon we'll have snow emergency parking which will be an even worse problem with AMC using all of these spaces when they have a garage a block away.

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