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Sink hole gets bigger, no productive response from DWSD Acknowledged

2609 18th Avenue Detroit Michigan , Detroit, Michigan Show on Map Hide Map
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We submitted this on April 5 and May 31. A steel plate was placed on top of the hole, and now the hole has expanded past this. This is/was an active this point, a whole truck could fall down there. The issue has been pushed off multiple times, You can follow the unhelpful user experience here:

Additional communication includes June 5, Nov 11, and today, Dec 5. We'd love if this was addressed over the winter months, as our access needs slow down during that time.

also asked...
Q. Is the issue a pothole or a sinkhole?
A. Sinkhole
Q. Is the pothole on a road or a sidewalk?
A. Road
Q. What are the closest cross streets to the pothole?
A. 2609 18th Avenue
Q. Approximately how many potholes are you reporting?
A. 1
Q. What is the approximate size of the pothole(s)?
A. 20x20'

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