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I wish I could post multiple pictures because I took at least 6 as I inched down Inman Street yesterday morning - along with a parade of other commuters - behind a garbage truck.

I respect that these men & women have important jobs to do, and theirs are jobs most of us would not want. But when they unnecessarily hold up other people trying to get to work, reciprocal respect is lacking.

A little before 8am yesterday I opted for Inman St to drive to get down & through Central Square, only to join a parade of - at that time - about 10 cars creeping along behind a garbage truck. It soon became probably 20 cars; idling and creating more exhaust than the residents along Inman St probably wanted, as well as frustrated (and ever-increasingly late-for-work) commuters.

THE POINT: as I crawled down Inman, there were SO MANY PLACES the garbage truck could''ve EASILY pulled over to let traffic go by. But they didn't. I was made 45 minutes late to work because of this; first with the slow crawl down Inman; second having to join a denser mob of commuters than I would have had to contend with at an earlier hour, and because when I got to work I had to drive around for another 15m looking for a parking space - something I don't usually have a problem with, again, at an earlier hour. Yes, even 15m makes that difference.

PLEASE ask the good trash collectors of our city to give their fellow workers a break during the morning rush, and if there are places they can pull over as they move down the length of a long (and narrow, usually one-way) street, to please do so. There was really no excuse for this.


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