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Remember when garbage collection was manual? Along with two or three crew members, each truck had a couple of shovels and brooms hanging on the back. Any trash spilled on the street, after collection, was carefully swept up and dumped into the truck.

Now instead of a single garbage collection, we get three separate pickups of trash, recycling, and yard waste. Each truck is automated, with a single operator. The economics of this seems byzantine, but I'm sure it works out. However, one thing that doesn't is spillage!

Every week, each of the three automatic collections results in inevitable spills onto the street: between bin and truck, or from the truck as it goes on down the street. And, without extra crew members, brooms, or shovels, spills are left on the street for the homeowners to sweep and put back in the bin, for collection, next week.

Of course, we could leave spills for the regular street sweeper to pick up. Unfortunately in most neighborhoods, street sweeping is neither regular, nor routine and, unlike garbage collection, occurs on days when the street is lined with parked cars.

Just a reminder that progress and improvement are not always synonymous.


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