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Traffic Safety (non-emergency)


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Hello, I'm writing to let you know and request that the traffic light on the corner of 29th st and Ford (right after crossing from Alameda Park St Bridge), that leads to FWY 880-S be re-calibrated and timed better. Ever since it was installed in late Spring 2018 it has caused more and more traffic jams and long wait times to get over the bridge, and is significantly delaying traffic. It needs to be re-assessed, and stay green longer. I notice that the light right next to it (on the corner where 7-eleven is) stays green longer (thankfully), but the one that lets people get to freeway changes much faster and stays red much longer. This is really a problem, causing traffic to build up across the other side of bridge, spilling onto Park St and side streets....God forbid that in a true evacuation of the island, people would be stuck, not being able to get into Oakland or 880-S because of the bad timing of this light. Before this light was installed there were never traffic hold ups or long waits like this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE recalibrate and give more green light time for people to cross. It feels like the timing and installation of this light was not well planned/thought out. PLEASE!

EVERY SINGLE DAY, and especially on weekends, the red light is much longer and the green light people have to actually go is much shorter. that people need to wait for gives significantly shorter time for people to cross the light and get onto 880-S. The consequence to this is that bridge and Park St. traffic (including the side streets that cars are turning off of in order to get to the bridge) is backing up for blocks. This is becoming a MAJOR problem causing traffic delays and causing un-necessary time that people are waiting and waiting to cross bridge and get on freeway. HOWEVER, the GOOD NEWS is that the city of Oakland, and good people working for the traffic light division can EASILY fix this. again, PLEASE HELP this traffic problem resolve with a simple re-calibration to make the green light stay "green" much longer. There is hardly any cross traffic that will be affected from people coming through Ford Street (it is a tiny residential road w/ very little traffic).

THank you for listening to this very needed request and for taking positive action to resolve. Please do contact me about the status and planned steps to fix this.
Stephanie Cardenas
County of Alameda employee and resident

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Q. Which calming/safety device are you requesting?
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