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The timing of the cross signals at this VERY BUSY intersection had been working. Now -- after the huge storms with power losses every few days -- it's barely possible to cross the street if one is waiting to cross, much less if one is running to catch the crossing. Also, cars ALWAYS run the red lights and/or get stuck in the intersection. Fine, that's what they do, but it's now a serious safety hazard. There have been light cycles in which NO ONE can cross because the cars are rushing through the intersection and crosswalks for the ENTIRE TIME the walk and countdown signs are active. When the time to cross the road is less than fifteen seconds, the cars pushing through the intersection easily prevent any pedestrians from crossing at all. The roads have deep ruts, there are many families with young children and strollers (especially with the Metro station), and cars do not seem to notice a large group including children trying to cross the street without falling and/or being hit.
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