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There used to be signs on the St John's Lane side entrance / exit to the Shell station. The signs prohibited turning left out of the Shell station and also prohibited entrance to the Shell station from the south bound side of St. John's. This access point is angled to accommodate northbound St. John's Lane traffic only. The signs have been down for several years and this intersection is out of control. Vehicles constantly attempt to enter and exit to and from the south bound lanes of St. John's Lane. Many vehicles crossing Rt. 40 are forced to stop while someone tries to turn into the gas station by crossing the north bound lanes of St. John's. This causes cars to stop while attempting to proceed through the traffic light. The result is cars stuck on Rt. 40 after the light changes. Several cars also cross St. Johns lane from the BP station into the Shell station to get to Rt. 40 this also creates problems. Please look into this issue. Thank you.

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