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1530 Atlanta Georgia Ipakita sa Mapa Itago ang Mapa
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Neighbor hoards 6 non-working vehicles (3 in front of home, 3 in driveway) and another in front of next door neighbor's home. All vehicles are stuffed to the ceiling with junk. In addition to a junkyard's worth of goods (upholstered furniture, bikes, tools, coolers, car parts and anything else you can think of) that they hawk to salvage buyers on a daily basis. There is a daily flow of pickup trucks dropping off items in front of this house, which sometimes impedes the flow of traffic. From the street, as well as from Google satellite imaging, one can see that the entire backyard is filled with similar junk. The attached images from Google maps are several years old and do not reflect the current amount of trash and debris in the yard, which currently covers 100% of the backyard and 50% of the front yard. Sadly, the neighboring home was renovated and wasted away on the market for 9 months and had to reduce the price nearly $100,000 before it sold. This is not only a health hazard on multiple levels (fire, vermin, etc), but is clearly negatively impacting the value of any neighboring homes (side and back), as well as those across the street whose front windows look onto the home. Besides the fact that he is clearly trying to run a business out of a residential neighborhood.

I have been a resident on this street for 2 years and have only seen the problem grow significantly worse and more dangerous over time. Your support of neighborhood health, safety and home values is appreciated.

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