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Signals or Lighting Maintenance


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I drive through the intersection daily just after 6 am heading north on
Sabino Canyon Road. A few times the light heading north has been red when I
approach the intersection, which is fine. If westbound traffic is waiting to
head west or turn south the traffic control light turns green for them as it
should and then back to red when no more cars are present. If there happens
to be eastbound traffic waiting to go south, east or north, the light turns
green along with the northbound green arrow to let them go. I haven't looked
to see if the green southbound arrows are on but do not recall seeing any
traffic heading south from River Road. The problem is that the green light
for eastbound traffic stays green for what seems to be almost a minute with
no traffic needing to go east, turn left (north) or turn right (south).
Is the eastbound sensor not working properly at the intersection so the
control system is defaulting to a long and unnecessary period of green light
when no request for that green light is present at that time of day?

also asked...
Q. Is the signal light malfunctioning?
A. Yes
Q. Is your concern a street light out?
A. No

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