Pedestrian Crossing between Monroe St. and Battery Park Archived

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Burlington, VT


Traffic Calming


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There is an urgent need for a flashing signal to be installed as an essential safety device for pedestrians and drivers. I live on the corner of N. Champlain and Monroe and often drive down Monroe with the goal of heading south on Battery St. or north to North Ave. Many, many times I have witnessed pedestrians having to wait excessively for an opportunity to cross either towards the park or across to Monroe St. because drivers do not stop. I have also seen many drivers that do not slow down or observe the red yield to traffic stop light when coming around the park from North Ave. and going south onto Battery St. This situation is even more perilous at night time. I have seen cars hitting their breaks suddenly as pedestrians attempt to cross because of car speeds and possibly other distractions. Hopefully this will be remedied before another pedestrian injury or fatality happens.


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