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City of Worcester

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Traffic Signal Defective

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Heading Easton Highland to Lincoln Square gets very jammed, people don't know to use the right hand lane to go straight, could fit 5-6 cars, could keep traffic up above on Highland flowing better, a LARGE sign with Straight or Right would help. Perhaps only one left turn lane instead of two may make the forward flow better as well, cars really get backed up in the morning. Thanks. Sharon

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Hỏi. Is the traffic signal flashing, stuck on a color, or black/off?
Đáp. NO, I couldn't find correct category to report, sorry--
Hỏi. At what intersection is the signal?
Đáp. Lincoln square, East bound
Hỏi. Has there been an accident at this location?
Đáp. traffic back up/flow issue--please forward to correct people, I realize this is not the correct category for this.

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