Plumsock Rd. in Newtown Township, PA (off of West Chester Pike) Open

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12/27/18 I travelled Plumsock Rd. in Newtown Township for the first and last time within the past months to avoid a major traffic jam on West Chester Pike eastbound one rush hour night heading towards Ridley Creek State Park. It is a dark, creepy and dangerous road filled with potholes, dips and bumps!! It was like driving on the Moon!!! You have to dodge all that for the long length of the road until it ends at Goshen Rd. Your in fear of getting a flat tire driving that horrible, barely paved road!!! Newtown Township needs
to pave that road!!! It is so dangerous to drive on at night - the road is so dark and you have to swerve the whole time dodging
the tons of potholes, dips and bumps hoping not to bottom out or get a flat tire!! A disgrace, especially in such a rich township as Newtown!!! Why don't the rich residents on that road demand their Plumsock Rd. gets paved and gets some lighting, too?!!! It's not a back woods road in the middle of farm country - it's a road off West Chester Pike near Ridley Creek State Park!! No excuse that road is not paved and made safe to drive on!!! Shame on you, Newtown Township!!!

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