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The amount of trash and litter that the workers of that plant leave on the ground in the parking lot needs to be addressed. There is a lack of respect for the surrounding area and is something that the company should be held responsible for. If they don't want to address it by having someone clean it up daily, then the City should clean it and bill them every single time until they do it themselves. One of the first signs of a depressed area is the lack of cleanliness. As you come into downtown Saline from the East, it is one of the first things you see.....trash everywhere. Entire containers of food, whole bags of trash, etc. just left on the ground in the parking lot. The fact that employees of that plant think that it is oaky amazes me. It also tells me that they don't live in this area, so they don't care. Furthermore, the company allowing it to go on day after day is even more unbelievable and pressure needs to be applied for them to correct the situation.


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