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Traffic Signal


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For 90%of the time this light is unnecessary. The number of people coming from old big cove or the new gas station is so small compared to those traveling 431 that a stop there causes 10 times or more vehicles to be stopped on 431. The smartest use of this light is to ONLY have it active during work commute times. Outside of those times it should go into a flashing yellow/red status. My hometown does this on multiple lights in the main road and it has never been an issue. ALSO...during upcoming closure of Cecil Ashburn I hope the city has realized that the flow coming out of old big cove during the morning commute is probably going to increase ten fold or more. Many people that would have been going the other way, as well as people from old big cove south of Cecil will be using this intersection. PLEASE give it ample green time in the mornings for those getting out. Thanks



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