Enormous Sinkhole STILL in need of repair!!! Archived

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I've been harping on this issue for weeks on this website now. Last Friday, there was major traffic due to a sinkhole on 16th street - the very sinkhole (formerly mistakenly referred to as a pothole) I had been complaining about for weeks. It is STILL a major problem in the roadway. It is incredibly dangerous and continues to be neglected. Commuters hit it going both to and from work as it is in the lane that opens up as a third lane during each rush hour. It is currently covered in steel plates that dip, bend, and arch and are no longer tightly secured. It's like putting a band-aid on a broken bone - it doesn't fix the problem, but creates a much bigger one!
Why is this taking so long?????!!!!

also asked...
Q. What is the issue?
A. Enormous Sinkhole STILL in need of repair!!!
Q. If possible, please identify the type of material is it?
A. Asphalt
Q. What is the color is the material?
A. black
Q. Has it been repaired before?
A. Yes
Q. Is it hazardous?
A. Yes
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